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Rules of the Resource

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Rules of the Resource


Having pressed the "Register" button in the form of registration, you agree to comply with all conditions, stated here, which have validity. If you don't agree with these Rules of the Resource (further "Agreement", "Rules"), leave the Resource.

The present Agreement is concluded between:

- The SKYLLEX company, located at the address:

Exchange Centre, 20, Bridge St., Sydney, New South Wales (NSW), 2000, Australia, NUMBER of the LICENSE (further "Company"),

and also

- You (further "Investor") and  regulates all main legal moments, able to arise between the Company and the Investor (further if together, "Parties") in the course of their interaction.


Investor is an assignee of services which are provided by the Company;

Investor is a consumer of services and uses the right for log in (enter) to own account on the Company's Website of (further "Resource", "Website").

1. Definitions

"Company" means the legal entity described above.

"Contents of Rules", "Contents of the Agreement", "Rules", "Agreement" mean any contents, provided by the Company within the Agreement, or in connection with the Agreement, including all training and other videos, user's guides, templates, information mailings, digests and other audio and/or text information, contextually and/or on a direct linking falling under this Agreement.

"Data" mean any yours and/or the Companies information statistical given, account, and also information, obtained as a result of use of the Resource of the Company by you.

"Software" means any program code, (including a code of object and a source code) which can be transferred and/or used at data interchange between the Resource and Investor.

2. License

Company provides to the Investor the non-exclusive License (Right) for access and conscientious use of the Resource according to the present Agreement for, designated in this Agreement, and also within of the Resource's Content .

This Right is granted taking into account performance of all conditions of this Agreement, and also compliance with the law of the country of accommodation of the Investor, the Australian Union and the international legislation.

The assignment of Right of the granted to Investor Right to the third parties is impossible.

At identification of a case of assignment of Right, Investor will be exposed to disqualification and loses the right for further use of the Resource.

Using of the Resource is possible only on condition of use of a unique user name and the password, received by the Investor at registration of the account on the Resource.

The password, user name, and also other requisites, which can be necessary or can be used by system of a Resource, Investor stores in full confidentiality, without providing these Data to the third parties.

Investor is obliged to accept all possible efforts for prevention of unauthorized use of the Resource by the third parties with application of the Investor's Data.

Investor shouldn't use the Resource in such a way that in our opinion, is inappropriate, offensive, illegal or otherwise, including any way, which:

  • Can lead to decline in productivity of the Resource, perverts the maintenance of the Resource and information which is contained on him, or any other way to reduce the general functionality of the Resource;
  • Interferes with rendering of services of the Company to any other person, the partner, the Investor either breaks, or can violate the rights for intellectual property of the Company and/or any other face, the partner, the Investor.

The investor recognizes and agrees that use of the Resource doesn't give him, as well as to any other client of the company, any interest in any rights for intellectual property which can be on the Resource, including in the Content of the Resource, its Software or in any other content, access to which can be result of use of such content by the Investor in the course of interaction with the Company.

3. Data on confidentiality

The company undertakes and guarantees that any personal information which is contained in any data is processed according to the national principles of confidentiality, provided by "The law on personal privacy", "National Privacy Principles" ("NPPs") and "The law on Confidentiality" ("Privacy Act 1988"), including in provision of guarantees for the fact that such personal information will be stored safely and reliably. The company can use any data with the purpose of introduction of the present Agreement, and also for the marketing and research purposes in the Resource relation for ensuring management and development of the Resource.

Investor confirms and agrees that he can't appropriate and/or apply on any Data and/or Results of the Company's activity, which the Company can use or uses in the aforesaid purposes. Company, where it is possible, non identification any personal information (including any confidential information) which is contained in data before such information or data are used for the aforesaid promotion, marketing and/or for research and economic purposes. These data (including any personal information), can be stored on the servers, located abroad and which are operated by the third parties. The company will as far as it is almost possible, aspire to that these third parties operated data according to this Agreement and Privacy policy, but won't bear responsibility if for one reason or another these third parties aren't able to make it. How we process the personal information which is contained in data of registration and/or in any other data, please, read our Privacy policy which is located on the Resource.

Investor has the right to be convinced also personally of correctness of use of the personal data provided to them to the Company, having made the corresponding request in our client support.

4. Prohibition on modifications

Investor agrees and confirms that he under no circumstances shouldn't modify and/or change the Resource, make the actions directed to degradation of system, decompile or disassemble any Content, which is contained on the Resource with use of malicious applications or without those, or to apply any other actions directed to distortion, destruction and/or replacement with other content of original Content of the Resource and also to interfere in the work of systems of the Resource. Without restrictions and exceptions.

5.Agreement Termination

Without limiting any other rights, the Company has the right according to this Agreement, to terminate the present Agreement, as well as cooperation, without prior notice of the Investor if Investor violates this Agreement.

After Agreement Termination, the Company has no obligations to such Investor and doesn't make any decisions, concerning of funds returning. Including in case of violation of the Rights, granted to the Investor by the Company, regarding disclosure of details of transactions, mutual cooperation and financial operations.

Investor accepts and agrees, that all paragraphs of this Agreement, which he can't mention Agreement Termination in general, in particular, points 3, 4 and 5 will continue its action.

6. Maintenance, Disclaimer and Liability Limitation

Company has the right without prior notice from time to time to change, modify or update the Resource.

Investor agrees and recognizes, that it is necessary only on own experience and own judgment in making decision about using of the Resource, and also confirms, that any promises and/or guarantees hasn't been provided and/or given by the Company to any person or the company from its (Company's) name and/or directly to the Investor concerning work of the Resource and/or concerning compliance of the Resource, to any benefits and preferences which can be received as a result of use of the Resource and the accompanying information, provided by Company.

Investor agrees and accepts the following:

  • All information, provided on the Resource, is provided "as is" and without representation of any guarantees of any kind;
  • Company refuses all statements and guarantees, concerning the Resource, whether it be obvious, implied or enacted right, including any other including third parties, implied guarantees.
  • –°ompany, besides, refuses any assurances or guarantees concerning the following:
  • Use of the Resource won't violate the rights of the third parties;
  • Use of the Resource will be continuous or faultless and that any service provided by the Company will still be available or that any defects in work of the Resource will be corrected anyway;
  • Resource will be inaccessible for hacker attacks, other unauthorized access, DDoS-attacks, viruses or other malicious or technologically harmful material, digital codes or programmes;
  • Resource will be compatible and/or will work with any software or with services of the third parties.
  • Besides, the Company doesn't bear responsibility for:
  • Failures or the temporary terminations in providing of services or operation of communication networks or the Internet which are used for access or use of the Resource from the Investor's side;
  • Failures or the temporary terminations in services providing or operation of the Resource, including any failures caused by the supplier of such services from the Company's side;
  • Losses of data, including any losses or damages of any volume of Data, the incorrect data transfer, which has happened in communication of internal failures in system of the Resource;
  • Use of the Resource by the third party (including any third party, which addresses to databases of system of the Resource, using the unique user name and the password, received by the Investor at registration).

Company won't bear responsibility for infliction of harm to health, or any casual, special, indirect or not indirect losses suffered not only the Investor in any form, but also somebody. Company won't bear responsibility that number and for the missed benefit, damages and/or losses of data, impossibility to transfer or accept any data, the interruption of business or any other commercial losses or losses, arising from/or in connection with any use or impossibility of use of the Resource, even in case it has been reported about a possibility of approach of such losses to the Company.

Besides, the Company has the right to ignore the facts of approach of negative consequences in those cases if:

  • Such consequences are qualified by that (negative) under laws of other countries;
  • The third-party legislation tries to cancel action at least of one paragraph of this Agreement;
  • Investor ignored this Agreement.

Investor agrees to abstain from any negative public statements towards the Company or is associatively not to mean the Company and/or its employees in the negative public statements, and also agrees to abstain from any claims, which can to arise to losses and damages as a result of the following actions and factors:

  • Any violation by the Investor of the present Agreement;
  • Any use of the Resource by the third party to which the Investor has provided access to the Resource, regardless of that voluntarily it has been made by the Investor, or not;
  • Any use of the Resource by the Investor in the illegal purposes (including any use with a violation of the law).

7. General provisions

Investor recognizes and confirms, that before pressing of the "Register" button, he has attentively read all provisions, stated in the present Agreement and that this Agreement represents full understanding between Investor and Company.

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Investor recognizes and confirms, that adopting this Agreement, he knows that in this case this Agreement replaces with itself and the contents all previous offers, negotiations in the verdal or written form, which could be carried previously out between the Investor and Company in connection with using of the Resource.

Investor undertakes to use the Company's contacts and the legal address exclusively directly and for optimization of mutual cooperation, and also Investor agrees and confirms, that he under no circumstances won't use the Company's contacts and the legal address for the private mailing and other advertizing, for mailing and spam of information about other projects and the companies and also to try to correspond with the staff of the Company for the purpose of the questions solution, which don't have relations to this Agreement and/or to investment actions of the Client.

Investor can be denied his Right in writing only.

Company has the right to carry out the actions, directed to increase of level of knowledge of the Investor about events and the activity, happening on the Company's Resource by means of mailing on the e-mail address of the Investor of the corresponding content of notices, requests for providing additional information, news of the Company, announcements and other, similar by the form and content, activity.

When using the company Skyllex as an electronic currency exchange, the charged Commission is 10%.

Company provides the guaranteed income to the Investor, using for this purpose the sources of obtaining profitability, provided with activity of the Company in the stock exchange trading branch.

All deposits are insured by QBE Insurance Group

The content of the Resource can't be considered as any legal, insurance, tax or investment councils, appeals and/or offers. Any information placed on the Resource shouldn't be considered as the imaginary recommendation or as our direct recommendation, or as the recommendation or council of the third parties. SKYLLEX under no circumstances doesn't bear responsibility for any damage, a loss or sag of the client, which has been come as a result of using of any information, which is contained on the Company's Resource.

Parties recognize and confirm, that any cooperation of the Parties has character of the private transaction which details and conditions can't be disclosed to the third parties.

Parties recognize and confirm, that using of SPAM by the Party of the Investor leads to cancellation of the given Agreement without a possibility of restoration of his Right and his License.

Realization of the Right doesn't interfere with further implementation of this Right or any other right.

All content of the Company's Resource completely and automatically corresponds with this Agreement and subject to compliance by the Parties in the same manner as this Agreement, additions and new editions regardless of the fact, as whether the Investor knew about them, or not.

The present Agreement is regulated by the legislation existing in the State of New South Wales, Australia from time to time. Parties unconditionally submit, without any exception, to non-exclusive jurisdiction of courts of the State of New South Wales, Australia and any courts of the highest authority which can consider appeals of courts of this staff if that is recognized legally expedient and delictual in court.

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