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Privacy policy

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Privacy policy

The company undertakes and guarantees that any personal information which is contained in any data is processed according to the national principles of confidentiality, provided by "The law on personal privacy", "National Privacy Principles" ("NPPs") and "The law on Confidentiality" ("Privacy Act 1988"), including in provision of guarantees for the fact that such personal information will be stored safely and reliably. The company can use any data with the purpose of introduction of the present Agreement, and also for the marketing and research purposes in the Resource relation for ensuring management and development of the Resource.

The company where it is possible, non identification any personal information (including any confidential information) which is contained in data before such information or data are used for the aforesaid promotion, marketing of marketing and/or for research and economic targets. These data (it is possible, including personal information), can be stored on the servers located abroad and which are operated by the third parties. The company will as far as it is almost possible, aspire to that these third parties operated data according to this Agreement and Privacy policy, but won't bear responsibility if for one reason or another these third parties aren't able to make it.

Use for access to the Company's Resource the protected computers only.

Use for access to the Resource of the Company only computers which you own, or for which you have acquired the rights of the owner. Accept to attention the fact that some companies forbid use of the computers for access to the third-party websites.

How the SKYLLEX will use your Data. The confidentiality providing

Your user account (Your account) on is identified by on the user name, which you have specified at registration. This user name may be shown on the Resource. If you want to remain an unknown, choose the user name, which doesn't correspond to your real name.

If you are an Investor of the Company, information about your computer (such as processor type, volume of random access memory, etc.) will be shown down by system of the Resource and will be used for improvement of work of system and optimization of Data. Besides, we can find out your location. All this information won't be shown anywhere.

The personal messages sent by system of the Resource to each Investor are visible only to the recipient.

If you use online chat of our Resource, your messages won't be visible to other users of the Resource, however, you provide to  online chat employees the irrevocable license for viewing, processing, the analysis and copying of your messages.

Safety using of Resource

We have carefully tested all applications, that make up Resource system. And you can be absolutely sure of safety of using of the Company's Resource. Work of all systems of the Resource is operated with using of unique, custom script, making impossible the intervention in work of the Resource of the third parties. In addition to the aforesaid, - our servers are protected by the network screen and are ready for the highest safety. In addition, to make sure of integrity of the uploaded programmes, all executing files of system are signed with the digital signature on the protected computer, which is not connected to the Internet. Besides – at data transmission is used the ssl-encryption protocol of the last generation.

If you use our online chat Resource, your messages will not be visible to other users of resources, however, you provide employees online chat irrevocable license to view, process, analyze and copy your messages.


The company doesn't take liability for damages, which have been made to your computer, loss of data, or any other event or incident, which can happen as result of your participation in the project of the SKYLLEX Company.

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